Enriching Christian worship through music and the arts

"The choir's diction was excellent - I could hear every word"

Office & Events Co-ordinator

Wendy Hubbard

Prayer Co-ordinator

Debbie Cook


David Freestone

Andrew Gosden (Chairman)

David Gunton (Treasurer)

Howard Gardner

Revd Mark Lowther

Owen Thurtle

Geoff Weaver

Anne Worker

Suffolk Steering Group

Debbie Cook

David Freestone

Andrew Gosden

Richard Hubbard (Chairman)

Wendy Hubbard

Revd Rob Rose

Daphne Rose

Nicola Rout

Martin Steadman

Owen Thurtle

Essex Steering Group

Howard Gardner (Chairman)

David Gunton

Joe Budgen

Norman Eastbrook

Who's who

Our Vision

We believe that the creative arts are an important part of the way Christians express their worship of God. In the Bible we read that God is the ultimate Creator, and that he has made us in his image. Therefore we are made to be creative. God is honoured when we offer that gift of creativity as an act of worship.  

Our Aim and Purpose

Our aim is to enrich the worship, mission and spiritual lives of Christian worshipping communities, individuals and those which they seek to serve, through the use of the creative arts, and especially of music.  

What We Do

We fulfill our aim and purpose across Christian worshipping communities large and small; cathedral, church or chapel; from all denominations and traditions; with our choirs and partner musicians through:

     Large-scale, choir-led, multi-faceted worship events and presentations using a breadth of music styles and other creative elements, including the visual and dramatic arts (e.g. Crimson Glory, Gloria, Palms and Thorns)

     Smaller-scale worship events demonstrating a wide variety different creative approaches (e.g. Pilgrimage of Song, Taizé service)

     Workshops and training days which seek to enable the Church to grow in depth in their understanding and use of creative worship (e.g. Touching Heaven, Transform your Carol Service)

     Responding to invitations to provide musicians and choirs for specific services and other events (e.g. Colchester Good Friday service, special Cathedral services)

     Providing consultancy, and where appropriate, continuing support for a period, to churches to develop their music ministry in new directions

Where We Do It

The main focus of Cantus Firmus Trust is in North Essex and East and West Suffolk, which is where our choirs are based, but our work also takes us around the UK and even abroad.

Our Values

     Creativity rooted in Christ

     Quality and excellence: “Skillful hands and

          integrity of heart"' (Psalm 78:72)

     Breadth of musical styles and forms

     Deepening spirituality

     Building community

     Outward missional vision

Cantus Firmus Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registration no. 1192862

Artistic Director

Richard Hubbard

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