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Your consent is our legal basis for processing your personal details.


What information do we hold about you?

For all of those on our contact list:

     •     Your name and email address

For those who have taken part or are currently taking part as singers in a Cantus Firmus event:

     •     Your singing voice

     •     Your home address

     •     Your preferred contact telephone number

For those who have made a Gift Aid declaration for donations to Cantus Firmus Trust:

     •     Your name, title and home address, including your postcode.

For those who have taken part or are currently taking part as instrumentalist in a Cantus Firmus event:

     •     Your main instrument and any other instruments which you play

     •     Your home address

     •     Your preferred contact telephone numbers


For what purpose do we hold this?

For all on our contact list:

     •     To provide you with information about Cantus Firmus Trust and events which we hold from time to time.  This may include an invitation to take part in such events.  

     •     Your details will not be passed to any other organisation or person outside of Cantus Firmus Trust officials or trustees, except for HMRC in some circumstances (see below).

     •     Your details will not be used for profiling.

     •     Your details will not be used to provide you with information as a result of any automated processing of your personal details.

For those on the Choir Members and Instrumentalists Lists:

     •     To provide you with information relevant to any event in which you have agreed to participate. 

     •     For effective management of the event, we will add your name to a printed list of other singers/instrumentalists at the event.

     •     When we are collaborating with another organisation, we may provide your name and singing voice/instrument to that organisation.

     •     We keep a record of which events you have taken part in.

     •     In addition, we may provide you with information about  future events, including any which are planned to take place in a location near to your home address.

For those who have made a Gift Aid declaration

     •     To make a claim to HMRC to recover the tax you have paid on your donation.  For this purpose, we will pass your name and address to HMRC when we submit our claim.

For those who have asked to receive information about other organisations

     •     We will provide you with information on an occasional basis of events or activities of organisations which have similar aims to those of Cantus Firmus Trust.


Any request to Cantus Firmus Trust in connection with your personal details should be sent to our Data Controller using the Contact Form on our website. Requests to delete you details can also be made by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the foot of emails we send using MailChimp (if in the future we do not use MailChimp, other arrangements will apply).

If you have any complaint or dissatisfaction with the way in which we hold or process your personal details you may contact the Office of the Information Commission at www.ico.org.ukt

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